Well, we are at the starting of 2021.  Though we have not noticed so much change in the digital world than last year.  But as we know there are always some changes in trends and technology of digital marketing and strategies are updated on a regular basis.

Digital Marketing Strategies in 2021

So we are here with the list of 10 best updated Digital marketing Strategies in 2021

1.Focus on quality content:-     

Quality content has been ruling the digital marketing world since its existence. As per the digital marketing experts, almost 77% of digital marketers use content marketing for B2B businesses.  To build the audience’s trust and lead conversion, content marketers use informational blogs, quizzes, and white papers. 

To nurture leads and increasing conversion rates, businesses should create relevant and authoritative content and get to know their audiences about their brands. 

2.Invest in original research

As per the marketing head of Coding Sans ( a javascript development company), we should always make reports on the basis of original research. Investing in original research and working on the new reports attract reputable websites, which will automatically add value to your website by increasing the number of subscribers.  A website or business should publish original research-based reports and data, which has the more possibility to be shared on social media platforms. 

Another marketing expert, Matthew Zajeckhowski, agreed on this strategy of creating long-form content with original reports results in quality backlinks from high authority websites. Even the publishers want to give a new angle to their story on a particular subject. This strategy of creating original research-based reports with graphics and long-form content helps them to cover their story. 

3.Update your content regularly 

Don’t forget to update your published content on a regular basis.  It is one of the main Digital Marketing Strategies which works 100 % and is still continuing in 2021.  Freshness in your old content is a major Google ranking factor. 

The websites with old contents that were ranked good on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) previously, is now on a downward trend.  Google algorithm gives more value to fresh content and Authority hackers also focus more on updated content rather than new high-quality content. 

To present the updated version of articles we should also change the published date of articles.  This strategy helps to jump up to our website on google ranking with less effort.

4.Provide more guest blogging opportunities

Another Digital Marketing Strategies to increase your reach in 2021 is to allow more guest blogging to your website.  According to digital marketing experts, allowing clients to create content for your website is a content strategy to expand your post reach. This type of activity benefits both the clients and brands. clients can use this gusset blogging platform to show their expertise and brands can use their knowledge in post reach and lead generation.

5.Use more explainer videos

One of the most popular Digital Marketing Strategies in 2020 was Videos and it continues its popularity in 2021 as well. Google algorithm favors websites having quality video content and is a major ranking factor. Video contents are important for both marketing aspects and SEO purposes.  We should focus more on making our concept easier through explainer videos.  Marketing Manager of Marketegoo, Larissa Murillo said that they created the online learning website Udemy by keeping the explainer videos strategy in mind. There are several other platforms that provide online learning and other video content.

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6.Join or host podcasts. 

Podcasts are one of the best ways to connect with audiences and expand the audience reach. Digital marketers can establish their own podcasts or join other podcasts as guests.  You can reuse your website content through podcasts. It is a great way to increase traffic on the site and brand awareness.

7.Automated email marketing campaign

Email marketing campaigns are the famous digital marketing strategy which is in trend for the last four or five years. Automated email marketing campaign setup, allows better customization with infographics, time zones, sequences, CTA buttons, and data optimization.  By automated email set up, you can send more emails at a time which absolutely gives better conversion rates. 

8.Smart bidding 

Smart bidding is one of the best updated digital marketing strategies in 2021.  Google and Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram also expanded their bidding capabilities and ad targeting. Google’s Target CPA and other bidding options can smart enough to learn from past data to optimize the advertisement made on ad creatives, search queries, audiences, and demographics.  We should spend money smartly on bidding by tracking all important activities of customers on the client’s site and connect all data to digital channels to know about the junk and qualified leads. 

9.Live Stream 

Live Streaming was on peak in 2020 and in 2021 it still continues to rise.  It is also a better option because it’s free and takes less time to produce. By live streaming, you can reach expanded audiences and get target audiences engagement.  Live content can generate more impressions than newsfeeds. 

10.Invest in Local SEO

It is most important in 2021 to optimize your business by local SEO. It is important to manage the online presence of your business across google searches and also on google maps to increase your website ranking and more traffic.  Local listing helps audiences to know about your brand and hence results in more conversion rates. 

These are some of the best Updated Digital Marketing Strategies in 2021.  We are in the starting of 2021, So digital marketers are already started to give their predictions on our digital marketing goals for 2021, and what should be our tactics and strategies. Though the strategies will never be completely new, they’re evolving which can be noticed and can help in our future strategies.