Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP software stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning” It can define as an integrated suite of business applications designed to automate the back-office operations of your organization–including production, sales quoting, accounting, and more.

In simple terms, ERP simplifies your company operations across every department. ERP solutions enhance how you handle business resources, whether it’s raw materials for manufacturing or staffing hours for human resources.

There are many more ERP definitions, which vary on whether they plan for developers, vendors, or technology media. ERP means to serve all departments of a company with better business processes.

The History of ERP Practices

Many Businesses have always adapted Enterprise Resource Planning, even though it didn’t have that name. Companies have always coped to balance all their different practices with ceding resources elsewhere. For a long period, this meant companies had to recruit additional staff to manage each department. International companies had to depend on outsourced labor abroad with no way of checking in.

Earlier ERP was found in manufacturing, with the name economic order quantity (EOQ) model, a paper-based scheduling system. This was succeeded by material resource planning (MRP) tools established in the late 1960s. Ultimately became manufacturing resource planning (MRP II) tools. Modern ERP practices started in the 1990s, due to the advancement of computer software to be incorporated with daily business operations. Coined by the Gartner Group, the term earliest focused exclusively on the new digital tools and allowed manufacturers to manage their supply chain relations, control inventory, automate accounting, and much more.

At Present, ERP found across different industries, not just manufacturing. ERP software is now accessible from Cloud-hosted platforms.

Types of ERP by Industry

There are different types of ERP designed for distinct industries to address their specific requirements:

Enterprise Resource Planning Software
  • Apparel ERP: The clothing industry has to deal with a lot of transition when fashion trends and seasons change.
  • Automotive ERP: Auto manufacturers can depend on ERP tools to handle inventory management, quality control, and organizing.
  • Construction ERP: Construction contractors need to keep records of labor, materials, equipment, and any subcontractors which they’ve hired for the job. ERP software helps with construction project management.
  • Higher Education ERP: Colleges and universities rely on ERP systems to support academic business processes ranging from tuition billing to exam evaluations.
  • Manufacturing ERP or MRP: At the beginning of ERP, MRP provides production planning, personnel and Organizing and scheduling machine workloads, and general inventory control along the supply chain.

Why is it so important to adapt to an industry-specific ERP solution? A general ERP system will annoy you with unnecessary features. For example, manufacturers need applications for sourcing raw materials and on the other side the higher education sector mostly needs organizing tools for students, teachers, and staff. While a manufacturing plant still requires ERP for scheduling applications and the school doesn’t need ERP to manage raw materials.

If your business downloads a general ERP full of features you don’t need, you are just wasting your own resources. Instead of overloading your computers with an inflated software package, save computing space by only installing the ERP you need.

Benefits of ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning enhances business performance with these greatest benefits:

  • Workflow Visibility and Streamlining.
  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics.
  • Scheduling Solutions.
  • Cross-Department Collaboration.
  • Risk Management and Data Security.
  • Customizable Solutions.

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